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New Study Suggests Vitamin C Can Sabotage Your Endurance Training

vitamin-c-and-enduranceEndurance athletes that rely on vitamin supplements to keep them healthy during hard training periods may have to rethink their nutrition plan.

The Journal of Physiology recently published a new study conducted by the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences that suggests high doses of vitamins E and C can have a negative affect on endurance training.

The randomized, double-blind trial ran for 11 weeks tracking over 50 healthy participants.  One group was given placebos and the other group a daily dose of 235 mg of vitamin E as well as 1000 mg of vitamin C.

All participants engaged in three or four endurance training sessions each week.  Before and after the trial period, the participants had their blood, muscles, and fitness levels tested.

While many other test results were similar between the two groups, the group with vitamin supplementation demonstrated muscles with disruptions in cellular adaptions. (more…)

Train Hard With Endurance Vitamins

running_smilingAs an endurance athlete, you push your body hard during training and competitions.

You take recovery drinks and get quality sleep to help your body handle the stress that comes with training for endurance sports.

But sometimes you still get worn out and end up feeling sick.  Illness can derail your training program and possibly even ruin your upcoming race.

Competitive athletes often take specially formulated endurance vitamins to help keep their body healthy.

Because endurance athletes have different nutritional needs than bodybuilders, it is important to understand what nutrients you are getting out of your multi vitamin.

Here are some of the essential ingredients that make up a quality sports multi: (more…)

How To Make Your Own Electrolyte Drinks

Athletes know that drinking water isn’t enough to stay properly hydrated, they also need to make sure they have sufficient electrolyte levels.

The sports drink market is a huge industry, but many popular brands add a ton of sugar to their products.

We searched the internet for homemade electrolyte drink recipes, and found several that only included salt.  We then found a video that demonstrates a great recipe that includes all five electrolyte types (Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Calcium, & Magnesium).

Some of the benefits and highlights of this recipe are:

Adaptogens – The recipe starts by using herbs to make a tea full of adaptogens that help your body fight stress at the cellular level. (more…)